Hello, International students!

How do you feel on your study abroad? Office of international cooperation (OIC) helps international students’psychological and affective problems as well as needs in daily life and study to ease your difficulties.


When you feel lonely with difficulties in making new friends, disappointed and depressed due to your underachievement of study, anxious about your career and future life, valueless with low self-esteem, do not get depressed and visit OIC any time you need help.


We are willing to support your needs. Office of International cooperation at Hanyang University.

Individual counselling

A professional counselor will you resolve problems that you do not know any solutions through regular one-to-one counselling.

  • -Difficulty of adaption on study abroad and college life
  • -Difficulty on study
  • -Problems on future career
  • -Problems on relationship with others
  • -Difficulty on family issues or personal problems
  • -Psychological or affective problems that you cannot resolve by yourself, etc.
Group counselling

With a professional counselor you are able to talk with others who have similar problems, understand others, and resolve problems together as advisors.


Group counselling is going to be enforced through specific periods with notice via OIC website and email. So, if you find some interesting topics, please apply for the counselling.

Psychological Testing

Psychological testing is an objective tool to inform you individual psychological problems that you can understand and resolve in your daily life.

Light characteristics

Characteristics type examination(MBTI): 30 minutes to take

  • -If you have difficulty communicating with others and have conflicts due to different characteristics with others, you can understand characteristics of others and deal with matters properly.
  • -lf you are unaware of yourself → you can become aware of your natural or familiar psychological disposition, personal interest, and personal values, etc.
  • -If you cannot decide your dream or future career, or if you concern that your parents want you to do something different from what you decided→you can find your career aptitude.
More detailed examinations
on your psychological/
affective points


Sentence completion test(SCT): 15 minutes to take

This test is to investigate your sense tor values for yourself, others, family, and the world. Usually, this is used for fundamental test for individual counselling.


Multiple human nature test(MMPI): 60~90minutes to take

This test is to understand several psychological stress statuses from depression, low desire, anxiety, guiltiness, suicide impulse, etc


Apply for the test in these cases.

  • -When you have concerns that you cannot talk to others
  • -When you feel gloomy and powerless constantly
  • -When you have no idea to relieve your stress
Method of Application

▶ Application procedures

  • -Visit OIC 218
  • -Or phone call
  • -Fill in the
  • -Application form
  • -Take an interview
  • -Or examination
  • -Counselling and
  • -result interpretation
  • -Phone: 02-2220-2450
  • -Location: International Building 218
  • -Counselling: PIAO JIN LAN (Chinese) (E-mail: klpark@hanyang.ac.kr)
  • -Counselling: JiyoungYoo (English) (E-mail: jiyoung82@hanyang.ac.kr)

▶ Available time for counselling

  • -Monday~Friday 9am~5pm

▶ Language

  • -Chinese, English, Korean